Autonomous Ocean Infrastructure

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Crewed ships cost $100k+ per day

The only way to keep people healthy, fed and rested in harsh ocean environments is to spend a lot of money. But why carry people at all?

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Introducing the Seasats X3

Launch in minutes – perform for months


Use Cases


  • Signals intelligence
  • OTH mesh networks
  • Acoustic gateway
  • Radar decoys
  • Border patrol


  • Wind profiling
  • Bathymetric surveys
  • Acoustic monitoring
  • Perimeter security
  • Infrastructure monitoring


  • Wildlife tracking
  • Climate data collection
  • eDNA collection
  • Shoreline mapping
  • Robotics research

About the Team

The Seasats story goes back years. After growing up together in Rhode Island, the founders designed, built, and launched a record-setting autonomous boat while in college. After graduation they split up to work on other cutting-edge technologies for almost a decade before reuniting to found Seasats in 2020. With expertise in robotics, composites, and naval architecture plus a board of insightful business advisors, no team is more qualified to bring autonomy to the oceans.

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